Art from Nature...

Since childhood I have had a fascination and an affinity with nature, and it was whilst living in Norfolk by a woodland a few years ago that I started to capture the insects and animals that were my neighbours. I take inspiration from the natural world - painting the small, beautiful creatures I see around me and in the Yorkshire countryside where I now live. 


 I paint using acrylic on a canvas of collected leaves which I press and varnish. I love noticing the small, characterful animals around me that so often go unnoticed in our busy lives, and I hope to reveal the beauty of these amazing creatures to others through my paintings.


 Using pressed leaves as my canvas, I aim to highlight how important trees are in our environment; how the insects and animals that I paint depend on them for habitat and sustenance, and how the presence of trees around us creates an ecosystem of life that is enriching to our own lives.


               2022                         -           The  Elm Gallery , Topcliffe                                                                                                        
  2021 to present     -           Webb & Webb,  Ripon                                                                                                    

               2021 to present      -           Art in the Mill Gallery, Knaresborough                               

               2020                         -           LittleBird Artisan Market,  Boroughbridge

               2019                          -           Mercer Art Gallery,  Harrogate

               2018                          -           Old Sleningford, North Yorkshire

               2017 to 2018           -           'Wrens' Artisan Indoor Market, North Yorkshire

               2017                          -           'Small is Beautiful' Exhibition,  Art House Cafe, North Norfolk